Road Trip Games For Adults

This article is dedicated to the best road trip games for adults.

Road trip sex is a highly underrated experience that requires a great deal of technique and skill.

The following road trip games for adults are intended to do many things – help you pass time, enjoy each other’s company, get the competitive juices flowing – but none more than to get your passengers nude and in the mood.

If you are sick and tired of playing the “vanilla” road trip games, then this list of adult road trip games will surely be worth your while.

1. LoveHoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game

 ★ #1 Best Road Trip Game For Adults 

If you’ve always wanted to find out more about what your partner prefers in the bedroom, then grab yourself this cheeky card game from the adult online sex toy superstore Lovehoney.

With 52 sexy ‘Would You Rather’-like questions, take it in turns to reveal your sexual preferences (or opt for the forfeit). The game can be played with up to 5 people, meaning you can also play with friends.

To play the game, simply shuffle the cards and pick out ten at random, then take turns to read the questions to each other.

Some of the questions included are, ‘Would you rather have sex in the bath or shower?’, ‘Would you rather eat chocolate sauce or ice cream off your partner’s body?’ and ‘Would you rather spank or be spanked?’

If a player chooses not to answer a question, then the person who read the question chooses a forfeit dare. Included with the cards is a list of suggestions to get your imagination going.

This road trip game for adults doesn’t have to stop once the car is in park. You can also shuffle the cards and choose one at random to inspire a sexy night in, or an adventurous outing.

Click here to learn more about this game.

2. Remote Vibrator Trivia

Next time you hit the road with your significant other, bring remote controlled vibrators for the both of you – then take turns answering trivia. If an incorrect answer is given then, well, let them know with a quick turn of the remote.

For women playing this game, the Lyla 2 is a USB rechargeable, remote-controlled and waterproof vibrator, making it fun to experiment with sexual pleasures in new places.

The super-quiet operation also makes the innovative vibe ideal for taking out and about without rousing suspicions. Designed for multi-platform pleasure to enjoy alone or with your partner, use it as a clitoral vibe or as a remote controlled love egg to enhance masturbation and foreplay.

You can also opt for something like the OhMiBod Esca 2 or any of We-Vibe‘s numerous remote controlled products.

For men, the Desire Luxury remote controlled prostate massager inserts smoothly, with a firm and dented tip in order to maximize stimulation on tender P-spots.

Remote control operated for ease of use, with 8 modes and 12 intensity levels, the Desire Luxury is l-shaped for complete safety in play; the horizontal arm also directs scintillating vibrations to the perineum.

Other options include the Lelo Hugo prostate massager and the Lelo Tor 2 vibrating cock ring.

The game doesn’t have to stop when the engine shuts off either. Stay within range of your partner and keep the game alive while at the rest area, grabbing lunch, or visiting tourist destinations along your route.

3. Would You Rather: Sex Edition

Would you rather hump a cactus, or poop a cannon ball? Like the Lovehoney Oh! The Card Game, Would You Rather: Sex Edition is an excellent adult road trip game that’ll force you to share “too much information” with the people you are driving with.

Would You Rather: Sex Edition is most suitable for an adult road trip game, but a few other versions that people seem to enjoy include the Classic Edition, Sick, & Twisted Edition, Dirty Version, and Absolutely Absurd Questions Edition.

4. Strip Padiddle

See a car with a busted headlight or taillight? That’s called a padiddle.

When a padiddle is spotted, everyone in the car must stop what they are doing and touch the roof of the car as fast as they can.

The last person to tap the ceiling has to remove a piece of clothing. And just to clarify, each sock and shoe counts as a separate article of clothing. I hope you aren’t wearing flip flops.

The last person wearing clothes is the winner.

Or are they the loser? You decide.

5. Frozen Nipples

This adult road trip game is suitable for those of you who like to carpool to the ski resorts.

To start, everyone in the car must strip down to their underwear. Then, the passengers in the front seat must crank up the air conditioning, open the sun roof, and roll down all of the windows – with child locks turned on.

Whoever can withstand the cold the longest is the winner.

6. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends is a party game that is designed to help you find out how incredibly messed up in the head your friends truly are.

In this game you’ll be placed in sexual scenarios, offensive debates, and just flat out bad situations that may just cause you jump out of a moving vehicle.

According to the game’s description, it’s “so easy, a handicapped goat could play it”.  This game isn’t a road trip game per say, but a travel version for in the car is available.

To learn more about the travel edition, click here.

7. Dirty Minds

The dirtier your mind, the worse you’ll be at this road trip game for adults.

In Dirty Minds all of the answers are 100% clean, but the clues leading up to the answer are totally filthy.

You’ll be surprised at just how far off you were from the correct answer.

To buy the travel edition, click here.

8. Cards Against Humanity

Just like with the party game Disturbed Friends, this game was not made with the intention of being played while on a road trip.

However, since there is no actual board (just a few cards to hold in your hands), Cards Against Humanity is the perfect combination of raunchy, awkward, and despicable needed to make this list of the best road trip games for adults.

The game is very simple too. Each round one players asks a question listed from a black card, and everyone else must answer using their funniest white card.

Cards Against Humanity is the terrible cousin to the popular kid’s game, Apples to Apples.

You can find this game on Amazon by clicking here. If you already own this game, then I suggest you check out these expansion packs. You won’t regret it.

9. Beat The GPS

Totally illegal, but fun nonetheless. Keep a mental note on the estimated time of arrival at the start of your trip. Then, simply get to your destination before the time is reached.

Because some GPS devices or apps will update your estimated time of arrival in real-time, it’s important to remember the time you were given when you first got in the car.

Beat The GPS may not be as erotic as some of the other adult road trip games on this list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

10. Toasted Buns

This game is pretty childish, but me and my wife still screw with each other by playing it from time to time.

When the other passenger is not paying attention, crank their heated seat all the way up to full blast.

It’s a pretty docile game, but it can be hilarious when the other person finally realizes that they got played.

You can even keep score by removing an article of clothing for each point.

11. The Bug Splatter Game

Pick a side of the windshield, left or right. At the end of the trip, take a second to inspect the windshield for the slaughter you caused while on the road.

Whichever side has the most (or largest) bug splatter, the player (s) who chose that side is the winner.

Again, not a kinky adult road trip game, but still an easy one to play.

Road Trip Games For Adults

In order to make your adult road trip run as seamless as possible, you’ll need to do a little bit of planning. Here are a handful of helpful tips to consider if you plan on getting down and dirty during your road trip.

  1. Plan Your Attire — Road head, road sex, or any other kind of kinky car activity is way easier to perform when you are wearing proper attire. When it’s time to get down and dirty, you’ll want to be wearing loose fitting clothing like athletic shorts and a t-shirt. You definitely won’t want to be fidgeting around trying to pull off your jeans – that’s not sexy.
  2. Buy An Air Mattress — If you’ve got an SUV or van, definitely consider purchasing an air mattress before hitting the road. Not only could this save you money on hotel and AirBnB fees if you are frugal and don’t mind sleeping in a car, but it’ll also be incredibly useful if you look forward to getting your freak on while curbside. Make sure you test out the air mattress to make sure it fits and definitely do not forget a pump. Here are a few excellent car-sized air mattresses that you might want to consider.
  3. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings — Don’t expect to pull into the breakdown lane on the Massachusetts Pike and have sex unnoticed. A highway patrol or state trooper is going to come right up to your car and he or she will bust you. Public sex is a misdemeanor. Some state laws explicitly criminalize public sexual activity, while other state laws are broader and cover a variety of indecent exposure or lewd conduct. Furthermore, because genitalia or breasts may be exposed during public sex, those caught in the act are often charged with indecent exposure crimes in addition to a litany of other charges. No matter how you slice it, playing many of these adult road trip games requires a fair amount of risk, so make sure you take proper precautions to keep yourself off the 5 o’clock news.
  4. Tint Your Windows — Building off the previous point, window tints keep wandering eyes from catching too good of a show. For roughly $200, you can get a professional window tint specialist to make your car more private than a White House dinner party. For best results, apply any percentage under 20% shade – meaning the shade only allows in 20% of all available light. Not only will this obfuscate whatever is going on in the back seat of your car, but it’ll keep your car from overheating in the summer too. That said, legal window tint limits vary from state to state, so make sure you know what you are buying beforehand.
  5. Buy A Windshield Shade — You can’t tint your windshield for many reasons; most notably because it can impair your ability to see what is in front of you. That said, it is virtually impossible to stop pedestrians from being able to see into your car from the front end. That is of course unless you put up a windshield shade. Like window tints, windshield sun shades are typically used to keep UV rays from damaging the interior of your car – but they also provide an excellent level of privacy for when you are trying to do the nasty in your car. Click here to view our favorite car sun shade.
  6. Bring Blankets And Pillows — If you want to have a great road sex experience, you’re going to need some blankets and pillows. It’s all fun and games until someone bangs their elbow on an arm rest. Also, blankets provide great cover if you prefer to lounge around naked in the passenger seat.


Notice how we didn’t mention the alphabet game, license plate game, punch buggy, or those other vanilla road trip games?

Sure those game may have been fun when you were in middle school, but you’re an adult now – you deserve to play games with much better “perks”.

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If you are planning a road trip with your significant other, hopefully you can use the extra time to spruce up your sex life with the road trip games for adults we discussed above.


This article was written without influence from any other party. All opinions are our own and all research was done independently without a medical license. The information in this article should not be treated as medical advice. There are some affiliate links present in this post.