Silicon Wives Vivian

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  • Numerous Customization Options
  • Realistic “Jiggling” Body Parts
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Vaginal, Anal, & Oral -Ready
  • Steel Skeleton, Moveable Joints


  • Very Expensive
  • 3-4 Week Assembly Wait Time


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Silicon Wives Vivian

Vivian is a MILF sex doll and a brothel-owner in Nevada, who has spent her whole life training her good-time girls in the art of seduction.

“My girls are some of the highest-paid escorts in Nevada, where men from all over the world come to spend thousands of dollars just to have my girls entertain them,” says Vivian proudly. “I was born with a gift for extreme sexuality. I know how to excite and tease a man to the highest plains of pleasure, and I know how to keep him seduced and happy, so he never strays from my side.”

All these accomplishments mean that Vivian is not a spring chicken anymore. “I am in my late thirties, so I suppose I qualify as a `mature MILF sex doll’,” she says. “But there are real men out there who are tired of putting up with vacant, empty-headed young girls who only want to play games and cause daily drama.”

If you’re looking for a lifetime lover for whom sex isn’t a game of power but a sublime journey in companionship, friendship and erotic discoveries, then take Vivian home. And let your new life of amazing discoveries begin….

Additional information


5'4" (163 cm)


107 lbs (48.5 kg)


37.8 Inches


26.4 Inches


43.3 Inches

Vagina Depth:

6.7 Inches

Anus Depth:

6.7 Inches

Mouth Depth:

5.1 Inches


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)