Silicon Wives Gabriella

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  • Numerous Customization Options
  • Realistic “Jiggling” Body Parts
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Vaginal, Anal, & Oral -Ready
  • Steel Skeleton, Moveable Joints


  • Very Expensive
  • 2-3 Week Assembly Wait Time


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Silicon Wives Gabriella

With Gabriella, the spotlight is squarely on her big juicy ass. And muscular thighs that will wrap around your hips in the strongest, most satisfying love hold you have ever experienced in your life.

Gabriella works out regularly to keep her sexy big ass in shape, and you will usually find her at the gym. “Hot, sweaty, gym sex is wonderful, and most evenings, I finish my sessions by sitting on some stranger’s face in the sauna room,” she says wickedly. “Nothing like getting off in an anonymous mouth after a hard workout.”

Gabriella teaches at the gym as well, and most of her male students have enjoyed a session or two with her in the sauna room. Sex is a high priority for this gorgeous, blonde lady, and isn’t it convenient that she can get all the NSA hook-ups she wants right at her workplace?

Additional information


5'2" (156 cm)


95 lbs (43 kg)


31.5 Inches


25 Inches


43 Inches

Vagina Depth:

6.7 Inches

Anus Depth:

6.7 Inches

Mouth Depth:

5.1 Inches


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)