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Penis Enlargement Bible

The Penis Enlargement Bible is your guide to the most effective natural penis growth techniques on the planet. If you want to learn how to get massive growth using only your hands and some readily available natural supplements, then this is the guide for you.

What It Is

The Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins a self-proclaimed “holy grail of penis growth” book. In this Penis Enlargement Bible review I will take a chapter-by-chapter look at the bible and give my personal opinion and analysis.

I put off writing on this product for quite some time, but after coming across many other Penis Enlargement Bible reviews on the internet, I didn’t feel as though anyone was giving the honest truth about the program. Instead, I felt they were just saying whatever they thought buyers would want to hear in order to get me to make the purchase.

So at first glance I wrote off the Penis Enlargement Bible as a product that thrives off the insecurities of men, but I didn’t want to publish anything bashing the program until I had reviewed it myself.

Penis Enlargement Bible Review

I really do not like the Penis Enlargement Bible’s landing page – I’ve even gone as far as to email them asking for clarification on a lot of the ambiguous wording used in their copy – but the buying process was hassle free. I’ve had zero issues with my credit card, the book was emailed to me almost immediately, and I haven’t had any problems regarding spam with the [fake] email I used to make the order.

Jumping right into things, the Penis Enlargement Bible claims that you can “grow between two and four inches in length and up to one inch in girth within just two short months” if you follow the instructions outlined in their two-step program. [1]

In addition, the Penis Enlargement Bible explains how it will also teach you useful techniques for getting longer and harder erections while in bed. Are you skeptical? Because I certainly was.


Within it’s 94 pages, the Penis Enlargement Bible covers the following topics: Chapter 1i (page 7) – Table of Importance, Chapter 1ii (page 8) – Gain & Maintain a Hard, Sensitive Penis, Chapter 2 (page 17) – Start Penis Growth, Chapter 3 (page 49) – End Premature Ejaculation, Chapter 4 (page 61) – Increase your Ejaculate Volume, Chapter 5 (page 64) – Chinese Herbs, Chapter 6 (page 79) – Western Supplements, Chapter 7 (page 89) – References.

Supplement List

The first batch of Penis Enlargement Bible supplements are listed in the fifth chapter from pages 64 through 78.

In chapter five there are twenty-eight Penis Enlargement Bible Supplements deeply discussed. The 28 Penis Enlargement Bible supplements are all natural, Chinese herbs and include detailed overviews, instructions, etc. on how to use these penis enlargement supplement’s nutrients in order to increase your penis girth and length.

The second batch of PE Bible supplements are discussed in the sixth and seventh chapters from pages 79 through 94. These chapters talk in depth about the “more accessible” western penis enlargement supplements.

In all, John Collins talks about seven western Penis Enlargement Bible supplements – many of which we already recommend in my list of

Pros & Cons

Here are just a few factors to take into account when deciding whether or not to buy John Collins’ PE Bible:

  1. Discreet Shipping — My bank statements show an order from “CLICKBANK.COM”. Nowhere does it mention that I bought a penis enlargement book.
  2. 100% Money Back Guarantee — To be honest, I fully intended to return the Penis Enlargement Bible immediately after completing the program and writing this review. To me, this money back guarantee was among the biggest factors in even writing this review. I figured if in fact the PE Bible was complete trash, I’d just get my refund before the 90 day window expired-.
  3. Permanent Results — It’s been about 6 months years since I’ve completed the Penis Enlargement Bible program and I haven’t seen any sign of penis growth recession. Granted I’ve since experimented with quite a bit of other products along the way – non prescription viagra, penis pumps, and penis oils – but the fact remains that I’m content with the size of my penis, despite being on the wrong side of fifty years of age.
  4. John Collins Actually Emails Me Back — Perhaps John Collins is just a pseudonym shared among many employees, but supposedly John Collins himself provides lifetime support for all customers. I have on several occasions spoken with Collins, and whether or not it has been the same person every time, the guy does know his stuff.
  5. Fabricated Statistics — Like I’ve mentioned quite a few times now, I believe the website inflates statistics to appear more compelling to potential customers. I’ve experimented with many penis enlargement products in my day, but none make claims quite as bold as this product.
  6. Document Your Results — The PE Bible suggests that you do it’s routine for 8 minutes per day. Well for the first month I didn’t notice much of a difference, but it’s very likely that perhaps the changes were so gradual that I didn’t notice it on a day-by-day scale. If I could go back, I’d take a before and after pic for week 1, week 2, etc.


Is the PE Bible a scam? I originally was inclined to agree with the critics, but I’ve since had my viewpoint change. Like I stated above, the Penis Enlargement Bible claims that you can “grow between two and four inches in length and up to one inch in girth within just two short months” if you follow the instructions outlined in their two-step program. That in my opinion is a fabrication. Very few people are going to see Roberto Esquivel Cabrera levels of growth using the Penis Enlargement Bible.

Yes, I believe the PE Bible can help you, but the average user will not see changes comparable to the claims made on the official website. Many readers here have reached out to me about their experiences with the Penis Enlargement Bible, but not a single user has seen changes as drastic as John Collins’ claims are possible. Any way you slice it though, any increase at all is a positive sign. So just to reiterate, I believe the Penis Enlargement Bible does help – just not nearly as much as the official website suggests.

Free Penis Enlargement Bible

As far as I know, there is no way to get a free Penis Enlargement Bible. I do know that if you are completely unsatisfied with your purchase, John Collins offers a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases.

According to the statistics shown on the Penis Enlargement Bible website, 95% of all purchasers are satisfied with the results the Penis Enlargement Bible gives them. But there is no way for me to fact check that claim.

At this time the PE Bible is the only available in PDF format. If you’d like a hard copy of the PE Bible, you can always print your PDF version of PE Bible. However, the PE Bible is 94+ pages, so be prepared to use a lot of ink and paper.


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Man1 Man Oil isn’t widely accessible, but it can be found for sale on Amazon, eBay, and of course the Man1 official website. Below is a complete list of retailers that sell the Man1 Man Oil. Leave me a comment if you come across a store that I have failed to list here.

My Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned a handful of times already, I believe the Penis Enlargement Bible is fabricating a few of their key statistics in order to convince people into buying their product. That said, I do believe it is a credible product, but not one you have to try to believe. There are plenty of other tips, tools, and products available online – particularly ones found on this website – that will help you if you decide not to purchase the bible. But until then, if you are comfortable spending the money I would recommend that you at least try out the Penis Enlargement Bible. If you hate it, ask for a refund within thirty days of downloading.

Further, if I ever find another penis enlargement tool or resource that can match those claimed in the PE Bible, you can be sure that I will let you know about it.

Penis Enlargement Bible PDF

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