Lelo Hugo

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  • 8 Ultra-Powerful Vibration Modes
  • 100% Waterproof Design
  • Super Smooth Silicone Grade
  • 1-Year Product Warranty
  • 10-Year Pleasure Guarantee


  • Quite Expensive
  • Toy Takes An Hour To Charge
  • Remote Requires Batteries
  • Lube Required


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Lelo Hugo

HUGO™ is a remote control prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure, whether it’s part of coupled or solo play. With two powerful motors in the base and tip, HUGO™ has sleek and smooth form that is perfectly formed for bigger, better and even hands-free orgasms. With the potential to really increase the size and intensity of the male climax, this prostate massager products one of the world’s most explosive orgasms.

How To Use

The Lelo HUGO comes equipped with dual vibrating motors, so you’ll feel all of its amazing pleasure both inside and out. The angled tip’s design lets it target your prostate perfectly for blissful, comfortable play. To use your Lelo HUGO on its own without the remote, simply double tap the power button located on the front of the massager’s base. Keep tapping the button to cycle through five wickedly powerful vibration functions including steady speed, pulsation, escalation, and more. Turn it off by pressing and holding the power button.

But let’s be real: to unlock your full pleasure potential you’ll need to grab the Lelo HUGO’s remote control. While the massager is on, just press the remote’s center button to pair the two. At this point you should feel the remote vibrate in unison with the massager. It’s got its own motor, so you and your playmate can get instant feedback – or join in the fun.

Next try tilting the remote. Feel how the vibration strength increases and decreases in response to the remote’s tilt? That’s because you’ve entered SenseMotion Mode 1. Instantly feel the vibration right against your hot spots at full strength – and then with a tilt of the remote, you can back off the sensation. Try taking yourself closer and closer to the edge, or hand the remote to a frisky playmate and see what they do.

If you press the center button again, you’ll activate SenseMotion Mode 2. This mode turns up the massager’s vibration strength to match the remote’s movements. Really shake it to turn up the massager to full strength, then feel the vibrations slow down as the remote slows down.

You can skip through the SenseMotion and get right to the Vibration Functions by pressing the remote’s center button one more time. Now you can use the remote’s plus and minus buttons to turn the massager’s vibration strength up or down – and it’ll stay at that setting, so you can concentrate fully on having an amazing, bed-shaking orgasm.


Users will find that the silicone texture found on the Lelo HUGO has a high quality, durable feel to it. Some testimonials even claim that the Lelo HUGO feels heavy and sturdy. When combined with the proper lubrication, this prostate massager should slide nicely into place.

It’s worth noting though that Lelo recommends that you not use a silicone-based lubricant with your Lelo product, as this could make the silicone permanently tacky. A water-based lubricant is the safest option. If you wish to use a silicone-based lubricant, perform a patch-test first. You should also never use massage oil or hand cream as lubricants.

The remote control is not as sleek however. The top half is made of the same silicone material you’ll see on the prostate massager itself, but the battery case is made of plastic. While I’m sure this is only to make the batteries function properly, it does look a cheap. You certainly wouldn’t say it looks luxurious like the rest of the toy.

Strength & Durability

As alluded to above, the Lelo HUGO is made using high quality silicone – so the toy is unlikely to fray, scuff, or deteriorate in any way. With proper care, this prostate massager should be able to last you a lifetime. If you do encounter any malfunctions or defects with your Lelo HUGO however, the company does offer a 1-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee. But unfortunately these warranties are only valid on Lelo purchases made using their official website.


The Lelo HUGO is 100% waterproof, which means the fun doesn’t need to stop when you hop in the shower or bath. Being waterproof has an additional benefit however – cleaning and maintenance is effortless. To clean your Lelo HUGO, simply rinse it with warm water and some toy cleaner, then dry it thoroughly with a hand towel. Once you have the prostate massager clean and ready again for use, place it in the silk storage bag provided at purchase and store wherever you please.


Although the Lelo HUGO has two powerful battery, one in the perineal arm (base) and one in the angled shaft (tip), the maximum noise level is measured at just 50dB. For reference, 50dB is comparable to that constant hum sound that emits from your refrigerator. But again, this is when your Lelo HUGO is operating at maximum speed. In my apartment, you can’t even hear it buzzing from outside of the room when the door is closed, regardless of the speed you have the Lelo HUGO set to.


The Lelo HUGO has six unique vibration settings, plus another two SenseMotion settings. For it’s size, the Lelo HUGO can get quite intense. Even at the lowest setting, this prostate massager packs enough punch to make your heart skip a beat.

With the second SenseMotion setting, which can be activated by pressing the middle button on the remote, the vibrations on the Lelo HUGO change depending on how vigorously you shake the SenseMotion remote itself.

The two SenseMotion – remote control operated – settings are a constant rumbling, and a pulsating setting. On the first SenseMotion setting, simply tilting the remote control increases intensity of the vibration. The closer the remote gets tilt to 90 degrees, the more intense the vibrations. Lay the remote down flat and you’ll notice the vibrations will return to the lowest intensity setting.

With the second SenseMotion setting, which can be activated by pressing the middle button on the remote, the vibrations on the Lelo HUGO change depending on how vigorously you shake the SenseMotion remote itself.


The Lelo HUGO is typically available in three distinct colors: Deep Rose, Ocean Blue, and Black. However, depending on where you are doing your shopping, you may have a difficult time finding a Lelo HUGO in any color other than black.


Available for $219.00 USD at most adult online retailers, the price of the Lelo HUGO will certainly scare away a lot of potential prostate massager buyers. Lelo brands itself as the classy, luxurious sex toy company, and the price of the Lelo HUGO certainly reflects that. You will not find many other prostate massagers priced as high as this one. It’s worth noting however that during seasonal promotions, the price of the Lelo HUGO is usually reduced.

Discount Code

If you are a student and decide to purchase your Lelo HUGO through LoveHoney.com, you’ll be able to receive 20% off your total purchase with a valid UNiDAYS account. But due to manufacturer pricing policies, you’ll be hard pressed to find the Lelo HUGO for sale for any price lower than you see here.


I was new to whole prostate O business and jumped in with the Hugo and what a fantastic toy it has been. As the various blogs and resources suggest, it took some experimentation, practice, and mental focus, but after a half dozen or so sessions, I finally hit the jackpot! Multiple explosions of pleasure lasting minutes each. In a few of the first sessions, I did run down the battery experimenting, but now that I have a technique, the battery outlasts me. The shape is perfect, and insertion is not a problem. The construction is quality and the surface finish is excellent for holding lubrication and cleanup. — WhoaBabyLelo.com

This is not my first toy for the “back”, but first specially designed for men, prostate massager. I am straight, but with every toy I buy for my girl, I test it hands on myself to be sure of quality as well as so I know what’s doable what’s not. The size of HUGO is perfect, not too big not too small compared to other toys I own. The texture is so very smooth, easy to go in and….easy to come out, it does slide out if you try to walk naked. It is a little bit too long for my body, so it doesn’t always hit where I would like it to, everyone will have to experience on their own; nevertheless, it is very powerful. I am still working through it so battery usually die before I get anywhere. Pleasure, yes. Orgasm, not quite. — AngusLelo.com

About The Company

LELO comes from humble beginnings in a townhouse in Sweden in 2007 but has quickly grown to become an industry leader in luxury sex toys for solo or couples play. LELO takes an unconventional approach to design and has created some of the most innovative and desirable toys on the market.

With the philosophy that your sexuality should be embraced, it’s clear that the company believes in their product and wants to help you reach new, exciting heights of pleasure. If you’re ready for something different that has the technological capability to push you towards a massive release, try a product from LELO.

Final Thoughts

There was one feature about the Lelo HUGO that I mentioned above, but feel deserves more recognition here – the two powerful motors – one in the perineal arm and one in the angled shaft. The second motor gave me a unique sensation that I had not experienced elsewhere in my life.

Further, prior to purchasing the Lelo HUGO, the SenseMotion remote seemed a little”gimmicky” to me. But boy was I wrong – the SenseMotion remote was an excellent addition and works far more seamlessly than I had ever imagined.

All in all, I gave the Lelo HUGO a perfect five out of five stars. The cost is a hefty price to purchase, nobody can deny that, but I do think [in this case] that it is unfair to have my rating be affected by the price paid. It is a luxury sex toy after all.

Where To Buy

The Lelo HUGO can be found for sale on a number of popular adult online retailers including LoveHoney, Adam & Eve, SheVibe, PeepShowToys, BettysToyBox, Amazon, and of course the Lelo official website. And surprisingly enough, you can even find the Lelo HUGO in stores or online at Brookstone. Below is a complete list of retailers that sell the Lelo HUGO. Leave me a comment if you come across a store that I have failed to list here.

This item was purchased independently from LoveHoney.com. We did not receive this prostate massager in exchange for a review and our opinions were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. There are some affiliate links present in this post.

Additional information


4.5 Inches

Insertable Length:

3.5 Inches

Base Diameter:

5.0 Inches


4.0 Inches


116g / 4.1 Ounces

Contains Latex:


Contains Phthalates:







Yes; 100% Submersible

Battery Info:

2 x AAA Batteries Required for Remote Control

Controller Type:

Wireless; Push Button

Power Type:

Rechargeable; USB Port

Vibration Speed:

8 Unique Speeds and Patterns

Battery Length:

120 Minutes

Recharge Time:

60 Minutes

Maximum Noise Level:



1 review for Lelo Hugo

  1. James Harrington

    The Lelo Hugo works wonders, but there are plenty of adequate prostate massagers that cost just a fraction of the price of this sex toy. If you aren’t on a budget though, the Lelo Hugo is a top choice.

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