How To Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

When you are about to purchase a condom, do you ever think to check and see which size you are buying? Some people do, but a shocking percentage of the male population doesn’t know, or bother to check the label on the condom’s package.

Like our penises, most condoms come in many shapes and sizes, so of course not all condoms are going to fit correctly. The best way to ensure you are getting the best fitting condom is to learn how to measure your penis size properly.

If you ask me, penises and condoms are a lot like breasts and bras. Every female has them, but not every woman knows how to fit them properly; and it certainly doesn’t help that most companies have unique sizes either! The following article will teach you how a man should measure penile length and girth correctly.

Shave Pubic Hair

Finding your average erect penis size isn’t complicated, but there are a few tips that you should know about in order to produce accurate measurements. To begin, we’d suggest shaving your private areas, that way you can easily tell if you’re measuring from the correct starting position. Besides, shaving your pubes will make your penis appear larger anyways.

Get An Erection

It’s worth noting that you must have an erection when performing a penis measurement test. After all, condom sizes are suggested based off of erect penis length and circumference, not flaccid.

Further, it’s only logical for you to be erect when measuring your penis size – your penis length can vary from time to time, whereas your average erect penis length is typically the same each time. Need help getting aroused? Check out these virus free porn sites.

Measure The Length Of Your Penis

You can measure your penis length by pressing a ruler into your pubic bone. In my personal opinion, a ruler works far better than measuring tape for this test.

Using a pen and paper, record your results by measuring from the pubic bone all the way to the very tip of your penis. For best measurements, we recommend you do this test three times throughout the day, for roughly three days. Then, simply find the average penis size measurements that you’ve logged in your journal.

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Please note that the ruler angle at which you conduct your trials may produce skewed measurements. In order to fix this, make sure that you press the ruler firmly into your pubic bone (without injuring yourself of course). The closer you can put the ruler at a ninety-degree angle, the better. Pressing the ruler firmly into the pubic bone also helps compensate for the fact that many men have more pubic hair and groin/belly fat than others.

Measure The Girth Of Your Penis

You can measure your penis girth (circumference) with some tailors tape, but some yarn, string, tape measure, or even dental floss will work as well.

Locate the thickest part of your penis’ shaft – this will be your starting point. Gently wrap the tape around the widest region of your penis until it has completed one full rotation.

Record where the measuring tape meets and document your penis size results in your medical health studies journal. Repeat this procedure roughly three times throughout the day, for approximately three days. If you are using some string, yarn, or dental floss, mark where the rope meets, but then measure the string distance out on a ruler.

Please note that if the head of your penis is wider than the shaft of your penis, you’ll probably want to measure your penis head as well. If this is something that affects you, you should probably look for flare shaped condoms next time you are making a condom purchase. Flare shaped condoms provide more room for the penis’ head and glands.

Start The Process Over

Like we mentioned above, make sure you perform a few trials throughout the day, for approximately three to four days. The length and circumference of your penis may vary from day to day due to levels of stress, sleep, levels of arousal, levels of activity, or fatigue. Like with any test, completing numerous trials typically helps you reach a more informed conclusion.

Key Takeaway: To accurately measure your penis length correctly, press a ruler into your pubic bone while maintaining an erection, then read the corresponding measurement on the ruler. For measuring penis girth, wrap tailor’s tape around the widest region of your penis until it has completed one full rotation, then read the corresponding measurement.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

According to a medical health study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, while the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches. The average girth is 3.66 inches for a flaccid penis and 4.59 inches for an erect penis. [1]

  • Average Erect Length: 5.15 Inches
  • Average Flaccid Length: 3.61 Inches
  • Average Erect Girth: 4.59 Inches
  • Average Flaccid Girth: 3.66 Inches

Does Your Penis Size Matter?

How To Measure Penis Size

A great deal of men believe that the size of their penis is directly proportional to its sexual power. Some men even wish to be considered for surgical lengthening or thickening procedures.

However, have women actually been asked about the extent to which they consider the size of the penis to be of importance from a sexual point of view? Or asked what they think about ideas surrounding the size of the penis in relation with actual sexual functioning?

Well in 2002, medical researchers asked 375 sexually active women who had recently given birth at the University Hospital Groningen a number of questions about sexual functioning and the importance they attach to the size of their partner’s penis. [2]

A total of 170 questionnaires were returned (response rate 45%); 20% of the women found the length of the penis important and 1% very important; 55% and 22% of the women found the length of the penis unimportant and totally unimportant, respectively. Opinions about the girth of the penis followed the same trend. Length was less important than girth: 21% and 32%, respectively.

Although clearly in the minority, the health study researchers concluded that a considerable percentage of the women respondents attached substantial importance to the size of the male sexual organ – but penis girth (circumference) was more important than length.

Can I Increase The Size Of My Penis?

The decision to try to increase the size of your penis should be made carefully with the consultation of a urologist. According to a Journal of Urology medical healthy study, only men with a flaccid penis length of less than 1.6 inches, or an erect penis of less than 3 inches, should be considered for penile-lengthening treatment. [3]

If you’re someone who wants surgery to increase your average penile length, you should first try non-invasive methods like penile extenders or traction devices.

Italian urologist researchers in the British Journal of Urology International also suggested therapy as a way to make men feel more confident about their bodies.

You and your therapist may address personal questions such as, “Do you have an unrealistic perception of your penis or unrealistic ideas about what an average-sized penis is?” and “Do you have an unusually small penis, or is it at or near average size?”


Now that you’ve learned how to measure penis sizes correctly, it’s time to put your knowledge to good use. By now you should be able to decide which condom size is correct for you, so click here to browse a strong selection of durable condoms.

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