Best Male Delay Sprays

1. Promescent Delay Spray πŸ”₯β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
2. Sliquid Ride BodyWorxβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
3. Doc John Sta-Erectβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
4. Edge Delay Gelβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
5. K-Y Duration Gelβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
6. Adam & Eve Go Long Gelβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
7. Dynamo Delay Sprayβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
8. K-Y Duration Sprayβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
9. Adam & Eve Marathon Gelβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
10. Bathmate Control Sprayβ˜…β˜…β˜…

The best delay spray products temporarily reduce penile sensitivity in an effort to lengthen the amount of time it takes for the user to achieve an orgasm.

In other words, they help neutralize premature ejaculation. While they may seem silly to some, the reality is that delay sprays have seen a slight uptick in popularity since 2010.

In fact, a quick search today for the best delay sprays on Google would yield you with many results – some good, some bad – but an overwhelming number nonetheless.

But do you even need a delay spray? Adult sex toy retailer LoveHoney surveyed 4,400 customers and found that most heterosexual couples have sex that lasts for an average of 19 minutes – roughly 10 minutes of foreplay and 9 of penetrative intercourse.

Of the couples surveyed, 52% said that they were happy with that number, while 23% of men and 19% of women said that they wanted longer sexy sessions.

If you think that number is high, you are not alone. A 2008 study that examined the opinions of sex therapists on a spectrum of “adequate,” “desirable,” “too short,” and “too long,” found that “adequate” sex equated to 3-7 minutes and “desirable” sex equated to 7-13 minutes.

A 2016 study of 500 heterosexual couples clocked the average couple at just 5.4 minutes, not including foreplay.

1. Promescent Delay Spray For Men

 β˜… #1 Best Delay Spray 

Fully endorsed by the medical community and over 2,000 practicing urologists, Promescent is designed for men looking to overcome sexual boundaries and frustrations.

Want to give it your best in bed? Only with Promescent can you give maximum effort in bed and completely transform your love life.

Promescent is also proud to announce that they are the first male delay spray in North America that has undergone clinical studies to prove it’s effectiveness.

An over-the-counter product, Promescent features a proprietary formula that helps men last longer in bed and give them climax control while still maintaining sexual sensation.

Check out this delay spray here.

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223 people have bought our #1 rated delay spray.

2. Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray

 β˜… Best Delay Spray Under $20 USD 

Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray helps you last longer between the sheets and improve your sexual performance.

A high-strength delay spray made from natural ingredients, spritz a little onto your penis before sex to aid your erection potential.

Formulated with numbing benzocaine, Sliquid’s super-effective delay spray does exactly what you want – desensitizes the penis and delays ejaculation.

Apply just 3 or 4 squirts to the head and shaft of your manhood before sex for fast-acting results.

To buy this delay spray discreetly, click here.

Interested in Sliquid Ride BodyWorx?

187 people have bought this delay spray.

3. Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream

Stay the course with confidence with the help of this specially formulated delay cream.

Rub in a small amount of Sta-Erect along the length of your penis 10 minutes before sex for enhanced performance and prolonged sexual pleasure.

Sta-Erect Delay Creme contains 7.5% Benzocaine, a very mild topical desensitizer which acts to combat premature ejaculation, allowing you to concentrate on having a good time.

Read more about this cream here.

Interested in Sta-Erect Delay Cream?

4. Edge Delay Gel

Edge Delay Gel is a “no chemical added” delay gel with natural ingredients including gingko biloba leaf extracts, horny goat weed extract, and jojoba oil.

Edge is kissable too, meaning that both you and your partner can engage in oral sex without noticing a difference.

The downside? This delay spray can take nearly an hour to take effect.

To learn more about the Edge Delay Gel, click this link.

5. K-Y Duration Gel For Men

Let’s face it, most men finish faster than women. K-Y Duration Gel for men closes the gap by helping you control how long you last in bed.

The active ingredient benzocaine, a commonly used desensitizing agent, has been deemed safe by the FDA for the purpose of prolonging the time until climax.

To learn more about this highly rated duration gel, click here.

6. Adam & Eve Go Long Delay Gel

Wish you could make love all night long? Adam & Eve’s famous Go Long Delay Gel can help. Just a dab applied to your penis produces a pleasant, mildly numbing sensation, giving you greater thrusting control.

With just a single application, this delay gel will get absorbed easily and gently into the skin to slightly numb your erection.

It’s perfect for those times when you want to last longer for more lovin’.

Check it out here.

7. Dynamo Delay Spray

Dynamo Delay Spray is a modern male desensitizer with a high concentration that is clinically tested and FDA compliant.

That’s right, Dynamo Delay Spray is clinically tested and FDA compliant for your peace of mind.

Both of you will enjoy lovemaking more as you slow the onset of orgasm with a slight numbing sensation.

Read more about this delay spray here.

8. K-Y Duration Spray For Men

Forget the distractions and stay in the moment. No more thinking about baseball or Grandma.

With K-Y Duration Spray you will be able to keep your head in the game and enjoy better sex with your partner as a result.

First, hold the bottle upright 2 to 3 inches from your penis and apply 3 or more sprays, not to exceed 10, to the head and shaft of the penis roughly 5-15 minutes before intercourse (or use as directed by a doctor).

Rub in if needed, and then wipe off any excess with a soft, damp cloth prior to intercourse. Wash product off after intercourse.

To learn more about this duration spray, click here.

9. Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray

Enjoy bigger, harder erections and the longest-lasting sex ever with this maximum strength delay spray.

Just spray it onto the head and shaft of your penis and Marathon’s special extra-strength formula will provide a gentle, numbing sensation.

Apply just 2 to 5 sprays and you’ll feel this delay spray start to work after merely 5 minutes of full absorption.

Click here to learn more about this delay spray.

10. Bathmate Control Delay Spray

Bathmate Control Delay Gel has been specially formulated to help delay your orgasm, which means sexual encounters will never leave you or your partner disappointed.

And like the Edge Delay Gel, this delay gel is also made only from natural ingredients including gingko biloba, Serbian ginseng, and Tribulus terrestris.

The effects of Control Delay Gel are not just about staying power either.

It has the added benefit of giving you a greater build up of feeling during foreplay, resulting in even more shared enjoyment.

Use this link to read more about Bathmate’s Control Delay Gel.

Best Male Delay Sprays

Before getting into how delay sprays work, it’s important to state that not all delay sprays, desensitizers, and creams function the same way.

Many brands work similarly, but it’s not uncommon for differences to be present.

When purchasing a delay spray, always remember to read over the instructions on both the packaging and on the manufacturer’s website and product listing.

By doing this you will quickly be able to identify the generic lidocaine spray products with awesome branding, but nothing else – no support team, no research claims, no credibility.

How Delay Sprays Work

Most benzocaine and lidocaine delay sprays, desensitizers, and creams follow similar instructions, but it goes without saying that you should proceed with caution and ensure that you follow the instructions on the products label and website as closely as possible.

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And like we alluded to previously, products without clear instructions should be approached with extra caution. Here are the general steps taken when applying a delay spray:

  1. Prepare the Spray — If you’re using a standard sized spray bottle, you will need to prime the delay spray prior to administering it. Simply remove the plastic sealant, then unlock the resistant cap. Then turn the bottle sideways and shake for about 10 seconds. Finally, place the bottle in the upright position.
  2. Use Sparingly — Delay sprays like the Sliquid Ride BodyWorx call for 3-4 sprays to the head and shaft of the penis in the directions, but it is in your best interest to start with 1 spray and only target your most sensitive areas – don’t get trigger happy and coat your entire penis. You may end up needing more than 1 spray, but just like when getting a haircut, it’s better to start small than go too far and kick yourself later.
  3. Timing — In order to give the spray enough time to get absorbed and working, you’ll have to wait a few minutes after applying a desensitizing spray, gel, or cream. Most products suggest waiting a minimum of 5 minutes, but some may suggest as much as 15 minutes. You should also keep in mind that having sex immediately after applying a delay spray will allow the spray to transfer to your partner, which is certainly not something that we want to happen.
  4. Erect or Flaccid? — This all boils down to personal preference but foreplay may be a little bit more challenging if you apply a delay spray while still flaccid. I’d recommend getting an erection prior to continuing, but again, do whatever works for you.
  5. Check Your Frenulum —Β The frenulum, an elastic band of tissue under the penis that connects the foreskin (prepuce) to the vernal mucosa, is known to be the most sensitive part of your nether regions. It is the spot that you’ll presumably feel the most stimulation. You can locate this as a tiny tissue ridge, just below the head. You should feel the frenulum on the underside of your penis. Is your frenulum still sensitive? If so, then you should either wait longer for the spray to absorb or add another spray.
  6. Wipe Away the Excess — When it comes to washing off your delay spray, it’s important to follow the instructions thoroughly.Β  This can be difficult, however, because many products don’t exactly cover how to wipe off the excess spray, gel, or cream. If instructions are not present on the product’s packaging or website, it’s recommended that you first wait the time given, then wipe off any excess spray with a soft, damp cloth just prior to sex or oral. Don’t see any excess spray or residue? That’s alright, just give your penis a quick wipe anyway.
  7. Clean Your Hands — Unless you think you’ll enjoy inadvertently getting delay spray in your eyes, mouth, face, or even your partner’s private parts, make sure to wash your hands.Β You won’t see this warning on many delay spray packages, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.
  8. Observe the Results — Keep an eye on the clock; You’ll need it to see if the delay spray worked for you. Many users experience significantly longer stamina in bed on the first use of their delay sprays, but others say there was no change in the first try. However, there are others who report a longer ejaculation after a handful of uses. What’s important to remember is that the results will be different for everyone and that you should not give up right away if the results are not there. But also keep in mind that premature ejaculation has many factors that cause you to finish early.

Combined With Pregnancy

At this time, lidocaine and benzocaine have not been proven to be safe to use in pregnancy.

That said, many delay spray products strong urge users to refrain from using their product if their partner is (or is trying to become) pregnant.

This should not come as a surprise however. According to, even most lubricants should be avoided:

“Even with water-based lubricants, steer clear of products that contain glycerin, parabens, or fragrances, which can be irritating. Definitely avoid lubricants with additives (think: tingling) designed to enhance pleasure.”

“They could have stronger-than-expected and even unpleasant effects on your engorged vaginal tissues,” Dr. Thornburg says. Also avoid any flavored lubricants, especially if they contain sugar, because they could contribute to the risk of developing a yeast infection, she adds.

“Although silicone and oil-based lubricants are not specifically off-limits, they may alter the pH balance of your vagina and increase the danger of infection.”

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“If you’ve used other slidey-glidey products in the past, such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, olive oil, vegetable shortening, or basic body moisturizer, tuck those away for the time being, as the other ingredients — which could possibly include glycerin, fragrances, and colors — could increase your risk of irritation.” [7]


  • They Work — Let me start by getting the obvious one out of the way. Most delay sprays work, but some are clearly better than others. Choose a delay spray from the list above and you’ll be fine.
  • Easy to Use — All you have to do is apply it a few minutes prior to having sex, then wash it off. Delay sprays are arguably the easiest short-term solution to premature ejaculation.
  • No Prescription Needed — Desensitizing products are a discreet option that do not require an uncomfortable and embarrassing doctor visit. All of the products above can be bought online, without any awkward confrontations.
  • Safe Ingredients — Typical desensitizer products use benzocaine and lidocaine, two topical sedatives that are considered safe to use. WebMD states that a serious reaction to these ingredients are quite rare. [8]

Side Effects

  • Affecting Your Partner —Β  Unless you use a condom (which of course is recommended), it can be difficult for first-timers to get the delay spray timing and cleaning down pat. Your partner should expect to possibly have the delay spray slightly affect her/him as well.
  • Aroma — You may find the smell and of a delay spray, cream, or gel to be off-putting. Again, this is why it is important to wipe away all excess product in order to minimize the effects.
  • Loss of Erection — Well this isn’t what we want to happen. A side effect to using a delay spray is too much numbing. Use the delay spray sparingly and you should not have any problems. Because after all, the last thing you want to do in the heat of the moment is wipe off the spray, wait, and then try again.
  • Loss of Sensation — Going hand-in-hand with the previous point, delay sprays reduce sensation. You may last longer in bed, but it will also be less enjoyable.
  • Short-Term Solution — Desensitizers will not cure premature ejaculation, so if you decided to use them on a recurring basis, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of money.


For guys who are concerned about their stamina in bed, delay sprays, creams, and gels may be worth investing in.

However, take a second to reflect and realize that when it comes to stamina, you’re probably more normal than you think.

It’s also worth reevaluating your reasons for wanting to get lucky all night.

For instance, is it because you simply want to compete with the men in porn? If so, you have a perception problem. Porn sex isn’t real sex, not even close to be honest.

On a YouTube episode of “Ask A Porn Star”, an adult actress known as Franziska described real-life sex as more “flowing” because you don’t have to stop to worry about how things look on camera.

Another actress named Lily Ivy agreed that “you stop a lot during porn sex.” [9]

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However, if you want to increase your sexual stamina because longer penetration helps your partner reach orgasm, well then you’ve got an excellent reason to start explore your options.

This article was written without influence from any other party. All opinions are our own and all research was done independently without a medical license. The information in this article should not be treated as medical advice. There are some affiliate links present in this post.